My Experience That Changed My Life

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In my lifetime there have been many breathtaking and wonderful experience’s I have had the pleasure in being a part of, only one experience comes to mind when I think about a personal experience that’s dear to me. The experience that is most dear to me would one that changed my view on life and the path I was pathed for myself along the way.
To begin with, when I was seventeen years old and still in school life was hard and very stressful, I know many people would say that life was easy with no bills to pay and a roof over my head, but my living environment wasn’t the issue. The main issue I had when I was still in school was the pressure I had resting on my shoulders, my family always had high hopes, and expectations for me, and I always felt so overwhelmed when it came to school and the grades we were given each quarter on our report cards. I didn’t want to disappoint my family and ruin their view towards me as a still in progress student at Haines City High School, when it came down to it I failed and I felt so horrible knowing I would have to repeat the year because I was either slacking on homework or being poorly graded on classroom assignments. As soon as I started seeing the world in black and white and losing hope for graduation I got called to the schools main office for a parent teacher conference. At that moment I was frightened, not because of my grades or my work ethics, but because that conference had the potential to change my families

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