My Experience Through My Mentorship Experience Essay

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Through my mentorship experiences, I have discovered many different things about myself. I learned that I am good at encouraging others to push themselves. I also realized that I am someone who is goal orientated and like to have a focus during all my discussions. During every mentorship meeting, I like to have an agenda for the meeting and a focus for our deliberations. I also like to revisit goals my mentees had set during the first session and writing new goals, as I measure success through results. I realized that I am good at encouraging others as over time I have seen my mentees speak more often and try to communicate effectively without looking for words on their phones. An interesting thing I discovered about myself through my mentorship experience is that I always thought that since I had traveled to many places around the world and had a keen interest in learning about other cultures, I was culturally well rounded. However, conversations with my mentees made me realize that many of the things I thought I knew about cultures such as Chinese culture were solely concepts introduced to me from a tourist point of view. My mentees shared stories with me about television in China, and how the channels they could access were government controlled. They also explained the Chinese job world to me while discussions ways to write a resume for summer jobs. They told me how children from wealthy families and upper-middle-class families are discouraged to do part time jobs, as it

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