My Experience with Target Essay

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I wrote a compliment letter to Target, as I was delighted and fully satisfied from the service I received from one of its employee Miss Aayat. The store was about to close when I reached as I was in hurry so was confused. I decided to take help from an employee there to help me with my problem. I was looking for certain item, but I didn’t know that in which section I can find it. I went to her and told her all the specification and the product I was actually looking for. She was responsive and was willing to help me and provided me with prompt service. She treated me with courtesy, listened to my request calmly without making any interruptions she let me finished. After listening, she addressed me in a polite manner and making into …show more content…

Pay Less brand promise.” I believe that Target has customer oriented services culture as it not only promised but also work hard to deliver their promise. As they said that they focused on training their employees to make the experience of the customer wonderful, exciting and enjoyable. Their friendly service team members are ready to assist the customer with their shopping list and fully stocked shelves. Their objective is to move the entire organization toward a service quality culture as they focused on customer needs as well as customer satisfaction. They give importance to customer feedback and report it to a central unit as they mentioned in their reply that they would share this compliment message with their team leader so that Ms. Aayat can be recognized for providing a wonderful service to me. They also focused on the getting emotional commitment to the firm’s core strategy, and promote core values such as commitment to service excellence, responsiveness, team spirit, mutual respect, honesty and integrity. In short, Target has made my shopping experience wonderful, it was possible because it has empowered its front line as the firm has extended relationships with customers rather than short term and replying to compliment email is one of its examples. Target also gives importance

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