My Experiences In My Life As A Writer

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I have never really liked to read and write. At a very young age, I learned that writing and reading homework was the one that I most hated doing. I didn’t learn how to read and write until I entered elementary school. I remember that my mom would put my brother and I to do our writing homework and she would tell me to do my letters smaller and she would tell my brother to write bigger. She would really struggle with both of us when it came to doing our homework because she would tell me something and my brother would do it and vice versa. I don’t really know how she managed to help us with our homework when she didn’t even know how to actually speak or write English.
I still ask myself how she managed to teach us a language that till this day she does not know. She played an important role in my life as a writer even though she doesn’t know how to speak it because with those experiences I learned that she really wanted us to be good readers and writers. Since she knew the struggles associated with not knowing how to speak English she wanted us to learn it so we won't go through the same things as her. These moments were very important to my life as a writer but I didn’t see it this way until I got older. Even though my brother and I had the same experiences we are very different when it comes to writing. He is one of those writers that try to use big vocabulary words and tries to make his writings very formal and complicated. On the other hand, I just keep my writings

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