My Family Changed My Life

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Over the 18 years of my life, I’ve never imagined how painful it is to lose a person who I am close. Death was not something I thought about. No one ever wants to lose a loved one, but unfortunately it’s bound to happen to everyone. On April 8th, 2016, death tragically hit my family. My first experience with death changed the person I am and will forever have an impact on my life. The person my family lost was a major contribution to everyone’s lives. He left a mark greater than anyone has ever in my life. Although this has been the hardest event to cope with, it has taught me alot. No words could describe how painful this experience has been. All I have left is the memories of the incredible life of my uncle. It was the Friday morning of April 8th. I was getting prepared for the school day when my grandfather called me. I didn’t answer due to the fact I was running late. I figured he just wanted to have a friendly conversation but for some reason he kept calling. I began to worry. I finished getting ready and went to call him back when I heard a bellowing scream come from my parents room. It was my mom. My heart dropped. I knew it wasn’t good. I ran to her and all she kept saying was ‘It can’t be true’. She sent me to get my sister out of bed. I had millions of scenarios running through my head. The moment came and my mom told me my uncle was in a deadly accident. My whole world blew up. He was my everything. A cop showed up at our house and explained what had happened.
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