My Family Values

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My life is centered around one word — family. I have amazing parents that have been married now for twenty years, and I am the middle child between two boys. Without my brothers I would be lost in life; they are my God-given best friends. One of the very best things about my childhood would have to be the closeness of my family. With camping trips, games nights, and bible studies we were always having bonding experiences. However, the greatest thing about my family is how the Lord always comes first in our lives and our home. I am forever grateful for the values my parents have instilled in me. They have helped me so much in life by teaching me that being an independent person means being responsible enough to do things on my own, but it is okay to rely on God. My father once told me, “When you do not know what to do, do what you know to do: pray,” and it is these wise words that have brought me through all the hard times. As a child my parents also taught me about the importance of church and community. We attended church regularly three times a week, and we were involved in any extra church activities as well. I have always loved going to church, but my parents struggled with where they felt God wanted to use them. Therefore, I have become attached to so many church families and then pulled away to join new ones. This was hard for me, but I also learned through it the importance of trying to follow God’s will.

High School Background I attended Polk County

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