My Father Essay

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When I think of a hero, many character traits come to my mind: courageous, strong, supernatural, good-looking, and invincible. Even though he has some of these traits, my father contains much better traits. My father is my hero because he is calm, loving, and selfless. A trait that my father has that many superheroes do not have is his sense of calmness. There are only a handful of things that will make my dad angry; and even if those things happen, it takes a lot of effort to get him to the point of anger. I have learned from experience on a few of these things. Instead of anger, sadly my dad allows these things to eat him up. His personality isn’t mean in any way. One morning my dad’s employee called in late for work and said …show more content…

For me personally, he never forgets to send me a text or a phone call. As for his wife, he will stick up for her no matter what. Even if he is in the busiest time of the year, he will drop anything and give up his time to her. There are three things that my dad will lose his calm to; you do not insult his God, his wife, or his family. His last and one of the most important traits is selflessness. My dad is one of the hardest working men I know but no matter how long the day, he comes home and spends time with us. If he cannot be at home for whatever reason, he will ask every child if he would like to go with him when he makes long trips in the semi. As a child, this was one of the things I remember most. My dad and I, making long day and night trips, talking and drinking coffee. We have a really strong relationship and he proved it to me when I bought my first car. Since I was still a minor and had no credit score, my dad put his own, hard worked credit on the line for me. He signed off as the secondary financier. He could have lost everything if I wasn’t able to make payments, but he did it anyway. Before I bought a car, he wanted to get a new pickup for work, but he sacrificed that also so I could have a vehicle. He never buys anything useless for himself, he always puts his family first. I have yet to see the day that my dad performs a selfish act. My dad is my hero because he is calm, loving, and selfless. He is the one person that I would give

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