My Father

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It was a normal day for me, my parents were working and I was bored and juggling a soccer ball. Our family wasn't very wealthy, and we have to keep watch of our money and keep working very hard, especially in this heat. We live in central Mexico, so the sun is boiling us all the time. But that didn't bother me. Every day I go and play soccer at the park with other guys.
We play full on 11V11 games. My father doesn't approve of this though, he says it's a waste of time.

All of a sudden I heard “Josh! Come and eat dinner.” I replied with, “Coming, Mom.” I sat down and started eating, and we talked about our day and how was it, but my father said that money was coming down on us and we're in trouble. My mother turned as white as a ghost and she was starting to think about what we can do.
After dinner I went to sleep knowing in my head that we had financial issues, but I tried not to think about it. So I went to sleep, then all of a sudden I heard a scream. I quickly raced to the sound of the scream and then what I saw was my father on the ground and not breathing, and all of a sudden my mind went blank and I only could stare at the corpse of my father. We called the Ambulance they came immediately and they took my father and me and my mother cold just stare as the ambulance drove away.

The next morning I wake up in a sweat and still thinking about what happened last night. My heart is racing, I stop and start to think about what is my family going to do. My mom won't

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