My Father 's Life On My Dad 's Father, And The Loving Memories Of His Mother

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Today I had a very heartfelt and emotional talk with my Mother’s Father, Andy Tipich. He told me the legend of his father, and the loving memories of his mother. Along with his own struggles with Rheumatic Fever during elementary school. In his own words saying how his mother would have, “put up with him.” Comparing also this almost newly arriving American family on my Mom’s side to my Dad’s family who has been American before the revolutionary war in the early 1700s. Andy’s father, Andrew Tipich, Sr. came over to the United States in 1920 at the age of 15, by himself, no parents. Traveling over the sea from what was called at that time, “Yugoslavia.” Now broken up after WW2 into several countries in Southern Europe like Croatia and Serbia. Andrew came over with only one other friend from Yugoslavia at the same age I am now. Landing in San Pedro, California he got his first job on a fishing boat. Learning the trade and slowly gaining fame on the dock of being one of the strongest men. And at the age of 25 he acquired his own boat, named the “Sea Pride.”
My Great Grandpa loved the ocean. He had special places he would go in Baja California, Mexico where he would just feel at home and no one else would be out there. I found out through my Grandpa today that there was a running joke between his mother Catherine and his father, “You spend more of your time on the ocean then you do with me.” This was very true though. Catherine had to raise 5 sons as a stay at home mom in
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