My Father's Disability

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My dad has been suffering from late-stage liver cirrhosis, waiting for the liver transplant. This terrible illness caused his permanent disability, which has changed my life in many ways. My parents have been battling bravely against the disease, while I picked up much of the house chores and have taken many other responsibilities. My dad’s attitude toward the disease taught me to persevere in the face of difficulties while staying strong. The hardship molded my approach towards adversity and caused me to mature at an accelerated rate.

The valuable traits instilled in me, during hardship, were my independence and leadership skills. Learning how to deal with issues in a decisive manner translated to my attitudes outside the family circle. I organized and led a string quartet at the age of eleven. We did so well in the community that even the Orlando Sentinel and Channel 13 reported our story. My early skills and qualities paved the way for me to take on the bigger leadership role: the concertmaster in the prestigious All Orange County High School Orchestra which has over 100 members. Also, as the president of the math club, I organized tutoring opportunities for members to volunteer their time with students. I initiated using the web as a tutoring platform. Through those experiences and others such as leaders in summer camps, fundraising events and hospital projects, I have…

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