My Favorite Day Essay

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As I arose, I realize it’s an effulgent and sunny Saturday . As I casually walk to the kitchen still in my one-piece onesie, I find my 2 friends Wren and Zhee, whom she is the goddess of comeliness and I am the goddess of quandaries. My friends share a few laughs as I panic and run back to my room to transmute into something more mundane. After I transmute, I casually walk back to the kitchen where I was afore with my friends. As I masticate my rice crispy cereals they commence to brainstorm conceptions on how to spend our Saturday together. Then, they mentioned the beach and it immediately caught my attention. I genially wrap up my breakfast, then reply with an expeditious, “ definitely the beach." They alacritously acceded the beach is the destination to spend quality time with consequential people on an effulgent Saturday afternoon. My friends and I, celebrated about the memorable times we could have, of course our first intention was to arrive, gradually set our possessions, and lay tranquilly on the pulchritudinous sand. Then, we orchestrated to play some beach volleyball and have a delectable dinner at one of their top quality restaurants not far from the beach. So, we apprised my parents about our zeal to drive out the beach for the day and the special conceptions we had orchestrated ahead.Then, we hurried to the room and put the opportune attire needed to have a spectacular day. On the way, we jammed out to some incipient hip hop musical

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