The Day Of My Best School Day

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I remember being terribly out of breath, but it did not matter because I could feel the adrenaline soaring throughout my body. The adrenaline made me feel like I was in an entire different world. Anytime I see a close football game in the fourth quarter, I think back to this point. I visualize myself out on the field with twenty-one other guys. Even though there are twenty-one others on the field, and plenty of parents cheering on their child’s team, I felt like it was only me and the football.


The start of my best school day happened exactly fourteen days and five hours ago. That time would be October 6, 2015 at 4:15 PM. The cause of this day being the best was not what happened at school, but what happened after school. School that day was a regular school day just like any other. The only class that mattered to me that day was my ninth period class, literacy. Literacy mattered because I would be missing half of the class due to the departure time of our bus. We left class at 2:45 PM and the bus left at 3:00. These times allowed all of our team to arrive in Osceola at approximately 4:00 and play our football games against them. I never knew that this one eighth grade football game could become so memorable to me.

This season had been my first year of football, and I will never forget it. I wanted to play football the previous year, but was not able to due to transportation and lack of a physical evaluation. I was extremely upset at my mother for not allowing…

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