My Favorite Holiday Essay

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When I was younger we used to have a party with my dad’s side of the family every year on Christmas. It was always my favorite holiday because of the family time that came along with it. That was until christmas came when I was eleven years old. There had been some family issues but everyone thought it would get pushed aside for the sake of the party. That wasn’t the case and what went from being my favorite holiday is now something that brings anxiety and stress for my whole family because now every get together is awkward and full of tension.
The party started like any other one with high energy from all my cousins and loud conversations from all the adults. This Christmas fell on a Sunday and my mom had to work the next day, so as the night dragged on and it got to be 8 o’clock and we still didn’t open any presents my mom simply asked “Could we get started on presents?” Little did we know that small statement would lead to the biggest blow up imaginable. After she said that my uncle started screaming at mom saying “You’re in my house and if you don’t like it leave now!” This led to even more yelling but for me the whole argument seemed to go over in slow motion and everything started to play over in my mind. It starting with how confused I was over how this got so out of hand so quickly and how adults couldn't get along for a night for the sake of the party. The argument ended only a couple minutes later with my older sisters and I crying and my aunt coming over to

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