My Favorite Music Essay

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I was raised around many types of music, and I have heard many different songs. However, there is one music group that I have listened to off and on for a very long time. This group is Blue October, and I have listened to them since I was six years old when my mother first introduced me. The music from Blue October is ever changing and has been linear to my ever changing life. I love the music that they make because it is real and alive. I look for sincear songs; Blue October meets this expectation that I have. The song "Into The Ocean" is the first song that I had ever heard by them. I remember the first time I had ever hear that song was on my moms CD plater when her and my dad were still together. We were living in a two bedroom appartment and I was watching my mother draw big beautiful paisly prints on thick paper with her shimmery gel pens. While I watched her hands I listened to the lullaby sound of the violin in the song. Even now, depending on how I feel, I will listen to the music most. I still borrowed my mothers CD player on numerous occasions. Apparently, I borrowed it so many times, it was just easier for my mom and dad to save the money to buy me one of my own. I now could listen to the song over and over as many times as I wanted. This was my very first CD player. I even got my own pair of headphones. They went over the top of my head and went over my ears with the thin foam that made sure everyone heard what I was listening to. This CD player was more
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