My Favorite President

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Very few presidents or politicians come along and make a change. Presidents like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are just two of those presidents who changed the standard and helped shape America to what it is today. However, my favorite politician and president is President Barack Obama. I feel this way because he not only made major changes for America but also was an all-around good person and an ideal leader. An inadequate politician can be thought of someone who has done nothing beneficial for the people, someone who divides the people and is openly dishonest to the country; someone like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is my least favorite politician and president because he has done nothing for the country but worsen its condition and attempt to reverse any and everything good President Obama has done solely out of spite. He never has what is best for the country on his mind and leads with a selfish mindset. The countless substantial reforms that President Obama has done simply cannot all fit into this paper; however, I will mention some of the most important things he has done over his eight years of presidency. With the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, President Obama made health care more accessible and cut the rate of uninsured Americans in nearly half. He also lowered unemployment rate from 10 percent to only 4.6 percent by adding almost fifteen and a half million jobs in six years. One of the most important things he has done for college students is
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