My Favorite Way Of Writing

Better Essays

This semester challenged me more than I expected but in a healthy way. When picking a topic, I decided to write about deep personal turmoils only I experienced. I believed it gave me an edge compared to my classmates, since I could divulge right into a deep part of my soul and write endlessly about my struggles. Writing about my depression and the challenges that surrounded me throughout that time, forced me to face and openly talk about that diseased time in my past. Finding the right words to describe the endless self-torment, dark sights, and never-ending loneliness, encouraged me to use words less common and add a creative touch as possible. For the second essay I decided to write about a painful reality that I persistently tried to forget. Losing the first guy I ever loved shaped me more than I cared to admit for a long time afterwards. I wrote about him, his life, our relationship, and what lead to its demise. Essay one and two were easily my two favorite papers I ever wrote. My third and worst essay challenged me the most! I researched all things fair food but could not formulate my essay as easy as I had with the first two. My personal favorite way of writing is to use the first person perspective. I believe my writing has about as much personality as I do, and I work hard to make it that way. Because of the strong emotional tone I apply to all my writing, my sense of voice established consistency and grabbed my reader’s attention. A perfect example, ‘Words could

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