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Some of the most beautiful and magnificent beaches in the world follow the European Coast. From the French Riviera to the Coast of Gibraltar there are hundreds of great beaches and seaside resorts, perfect for those romantic getaways. Each year thousands of people head for the beaches of Europe. Whether you are looking to surf or party there is a beach for you. With golden sands and tiny little hideaways there are many choices along the European Coast that make for a pleasurable and enjoyable holiday or vacation. Here are my picks for the top 5 beaches in Europe
Biarritz Beach-French Riviera, France

During the 1960s surfing took France by storm. Today Biarritz Beach on the French Riviera is the surf capital of France. Every July the best surfers …show more content…

It costs $350 a day to bask in the sun and sands of Carlton Beach. Carlton Beach is known for being a club of the rich and famous. Unlike other beaches in France, the Carlton Beach is only 100 feet wide by 300 feet long, and the sands are freshly delivered each year from a nearby beach. Carlton Beach offers several luxury hotels and a wide range of water sports including surfing and kite sailing. The rich and famous love to sunbathe and swim at Carlton Beach because it is quiet and secluded.

Brighton Beach-Liverpool, England

Brighton Beach is located on the southern Sussex coast of England and is one of the most popular and largest seaside localities in England. Like Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York Brighton Beach offers entertainment for the entire family. Brighton beach has several piers but the main attraction is the Brighton Beach Pier. This pier opened in May of 1899 and now offers 24 hour entertainment. Whether you are looking for music, bars, or dancing Brighton Beach has it all.

There are hundreds of hostels and luxury hotels to stay in at Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach has some of the best nightlife in England and has been dubbed a lovers retreat in recent years. Every year in August there is a Gay and Lesbian Pride parade starting at Brighton Beach and ending in the center of the

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