My First Day In My New School

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Mia walked down the street with her head low, dragging her feet on the concrete pavement. She was on her way home from school. It was her first day of school at her new school. Her dad had gotten a job in America so her and her family had to move. Mia was sad and disappointed to leave her old school and all her friends. She found it hard to make new friends at her new school and was finding it hard to fit in. As she arrived home, her phone started to ring. It was her friend Hailey. Mia had known Hailey since they were in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. Mia talked to Hailey for hours about her new school and how she missed her and how everything was so different everything was. Mia was glad she still had someone to talk to. It felt good to talk to someone about everything. Once they had hung up Mia went upstairs to start her homework. She found the homework quite hard since she had never learnt any of it. It was different to what she had been taught at her old school but she was sure she would soon get the hang of it. After almost a week of school she had made friends with Stacey a girl in her maths class. Mia felt as if she was fitting in more at her new school. She started to become better friends with Stacey and would go to her house after school. Stacey introduced Mia to some of her friends but Mia wasn’t interested in becoming friends with them. Later that night after Mia came home from Stacey’s house she received a call from Hailey. She told Hailey

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