My First Day Of School

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My alarm startles me as I get out of bed. My shades are shut, no sun shines through. My first day of school ever and the first day that I have to officially get up out of bed early. I smell the pancakes and sausage sneaking through the crack underneath my door. My first day of school and I have no clue what to wear or how to act. I go downstairs and dad automatically greets me with a hug and a smile. “I know you don’t want to do this but you have to. I can’t stay home anymore.” “Dad I know. I will have to just deal with it. Now can I please just have a muffin?” Then off we went. Dad to a new job and me, a new world of people without anyone to help me. Getting out of the car hesitating to grab the handle. Dad isn’t here to…show more content…
“Is this the girl I’m supposed to be showing around?’ I reply with a head nod and a facial expression like oh no. We walk down the hallway and people scatter and move out of the way when this girl is around. Is she like the queen around here or something? I get to my classroom and she enters her phone number into my phone. “I will text you later when to come to the next class.” Two hours later I meet up with her. “Hey, I didn’t even get your name?” “Um yeah, it’s Emily,” I say. “Mkay. My names Belle.” We hung out for a while at lunch and she decided to invite me to a festival in town tomorrow. I said yes and I don’t know why. I was confused why she had asked me and scared what would happen. I mean it could have been a joke for all I know but it wasn’t. She was nice to me and we were becoming friends, as I accidentally replaced her old ones. Waking up to Netflix playing on my computer, messy hair. It was a Saturday morning and I was excited. I was going to hang out with Belle today. I get out of bed and she calls me right away. “Hey my friends and I are going to the mall, I want you to come.” “Okay,” “Did I wake you up I’m so sorry.” “No no you didn’t I’ve been up for a couple of hours.” No, I haven’t. We talk for a little more and she hangs up. I panic and try to find clothes to wear. The sunlight shining through my blinds and startles me as I trip on a pile of clothes. I run a hairbrush through my hair and put on some
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