My First Day Of English Class

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On the first day of English class, I aspired that I was going to be a great writer. As Loren Eiseley says in her poem, “The Snout” “It began with a strangled gasping for air” (Eiseley). College English came at an unbelievable speed. The material I learned from high school didn’t match up to the information I was about to encounter. To me the class felt like a dream that I have to pass to move on into a better place. But, ever since the class, I have acquired knowledge and developed many new skills in English like how to transform my mediocre essay, into a proper use of accurate punctuations, great transitions and detailed paragraphs. Even before the first day of class, I was thinking of the night before, the late night thinking about learning new material and being picked on by the teacher about not know certain information. As Loren Eiseley says “It was a place of low life. In it the human brain began” (Eiseley). To me, English was a place of sadness and anxiety attacks. But the first day of English was amazing. I learned more about the teacher and that I am not alone when it comes to not know how to do certain things. At the beginning of the semester I barely knew what a transition was or how to use it. After the long, but helpful presentations, I learned more about transitions that I never knew existed. I learned where they aren’t and supposed to be in an essay. While, the hardest concept in English for me was the commas. The Commas for me is still a struggle. But

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