My First Grade Class - Original Writing

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Today I was going to cook brownies for my whole second grade class. I get to do it all on my own! Mom taught me how last night and I memorized the whole process. The second I burst through my doors i flew into the kitchen to get busy. Everything was on the counter and I have never been more thrilled. It was my birthday tomorrow and i was going to make the most amazing chocolate delights. I rolled up my sleeves and washed my hands. I poured the brownie mix everywhere, luckily most of it got into the bowl. I got out the eggs carefully just like mom showed me, and cracked them on the edge of the bowl. I got a lot of egg shell in the mix that was supposed to be perfect. I fished every last one out, determined to make them the best. I turned on the oven and i felt just like my mom, it was great! After finishing my beautiful art I stuffed it in the oven. It was bedtime after i wrapped my brownies in plastic, restraining every urge in me to eat them all. I ran into my parents bedroom and dragged my mom out. She stuck her finger right in my ‘supposed to be perfect’ brownies then right into her mouth! “These are the best thing I’ve ever tasted!” I wasn’t mad anymore, I knew she was telling the truth. I curled up into bed and quickly fell asleep. I was awakened abruptly by mom yelling something about my window. It sure got hot up here. I woke up more and I could understand what she was screaming. “You need to go to your window!” I crawled out of bed and looked out my window. Dad was

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