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It was during the fall when it happen . I got a phone call from my father saying that migration got him.I started crying.I ciuld not believe what happen.when i told my mom she started crying. Then i called my aunt santa and told her. My aunt came over. i could not believe what happened. I could not stop crash. he was in jail and i could not believe it , we have to do things during the month’s .My dad would call us often and we had to pay. i was happy when i hear his voice. I cried everytime , My mom and i were to a line , We have our family to rely on. We have to have to have a lawyer. She was a nice lady. She helped us very well. my uncle introduce us her. He did a good thing. My father was finlay hot a court daquan di ws jppy. we have to pay for his pail/ The judge needed to pci k to deport him or we have to pay paul for him.The lawyer said that the judge said she was a hard judge and i was worried about my father. We have to wait until they call my father 's name. We went there with my cousins , my uncle and my dad friend.

We were going to detroit for the court . i was sad that iha be to miss school. I miss school because i wanted to see him .So then we have to find a car parking stop and then we have to pay to park. we have to cross a street. I found a dollar on the street. I thought i ea s,lucky that day and i was. we entered the building . We have to go through security check . they needed to check. they need to check our stuff and our body. Then

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