My First Meeting With My Mentor Essay

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Today was my first meeting with my mentor Angela Ormsby. I choose her as my mentor because she is my golf coach and I feel that I can talk to her about something’s that I can’t talk to other people about. I also feel that she will be honest about the questions I ask her about myself. The first question I asked was about her and it was describe someone in your life who mentored you? Her respond was her Golf instructor since she was 13, this person was a go to person in times of distress, that person coached her but also talked about what was going on in her life. Her coach made sure that her golf score didn’t define who she was as a person. The next question was what qualities do you see in me that are helpful to others? She said that I am a processor before thinking, I am able to control and hold my tongue. I also go through steps of what I should do before actually doing it. She also described me as genuine, trustful and trustworthy person. The last thing we talked about was how do you think I’ve grown since you’ve known me? She responded and said I became more open with my heart to trust people and let my guard down to let people see who I am. She also said that I am more confident and also am at the point where I no what I want to do.

09/ 30/16 Today we meet at the local coffee shop on campus this time she had other people pick the questions rather than us picking the questions that we were going to discuss. The first was how is a good teacher different than a good

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