My First Online Class At Brenau And I Was Nervous

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This was my first online class at Brenau and I was nervous about how things would go. Despite the fact that it was online and only five weeks, I enjoyed speech class and I feel like I learned a great deal in a short time. I will share with you my insights on how I improved; my plan for applying my knowledge in the future and some skills I feel like I gained from taking the course. As I reflect on the class and how I improved I think first to how nervous I felt about having to speak on camera. In my previous job I had to speak in front of people. It was a routine part of my job and I am comfortable with it. Sometimes it is hard to think about being judged and when one is standing in front of a crowd, the anxiety can sink in. Speaking in front of a computer screen is different and for me, much more uncomfortable. Perhaps in person it is easier to read the audience and give the speaker non-verbal control how he or she will present. For instance; if I am speaking to a group in person I can connect through eye contact and better sense if I need to take another direction to liven things up a bit. One of my strengths is an ability to connect with people, but I do not think that comes through nearly as much as in person. This class prepared me to speak in an unfamiliar medium and will now be less anxious if I have to so a talk or presentation via Skype or other electronic means. The constructive feedback provided by Dr. Simmons on my skills was helpful, and I tried to

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