My First Part Of The Combo

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In the beginning of the year, from week one to week five, we began learning some of the warmups and getting our body used to dance. I have never taken a dance class before so when I first entered the classroom, I was a little intimidated. One of the first things we learned was a warm up combination. The first part of the combo was where we had our right foot go forward, back to the other foot, side, back to the other foot, back behind us, and then back to the original position while clapping at the end. Then, we would repeat this process on the other side while trying to make your body not so stiff but free flowing. Next, we repeated these two steps fastly and then turn after your foot would return with the other foot. After that, we ran forward, lifting our arms and right leg up “neighing”, and then repeated on the other side. We repeated both sides twice. Next, we went to our right side lifting our right leg up and down on the floor while clapping moving sideways. After a few counts, we woulds lift our arms diagonally to the floor, and fall back to the left side. We would repeat this process on the other side as well. Additionally, we would do the octagon with our feet going back and forward. Once that was done, we would run to the right side and then run back to do the other side again. Lastly, we did the octagon dance again, running, and instead of turning back, we would go into the retire position and turn slightly to the front of the room. Last, we would repeat on the

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