My First Semester Of English

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Throughout my first semester of English in college I have gained a significant amount of knowledge in writing. Each writing assignment encouraged me to use and try new approaches to writing. They also encouraged me to a take my writings a step further than the previous papers I have written before. My writing is more academic and formal rather than casual and informal. I have taken the tools that I have learned throughout the semester and articulated those tools into each writing project. With many hours of dedication to my papers as a whole, the time that I spent was a time for learning and advancing the skills and tools I already had from high school.
I was surprised that the papers were not 12 pages as some previous teachers said that was what I was going to be walking into. Although, 6 pages is still a lot for me, I felt most of the writing projects were easy to reach the page requirement as they were interesting and fun topics.
Out of the four writing projects that we did, writing project three, the informative and surprising essay, is the one that challenge me the most. It was a good challenge as I was determined to answer the “How and why is this important to society?” question. That question was hard for me to answer but will help from my peers and learning through class activities I was able to understand and answer the “Why and how?” question. Before that paper, I have never had to relate my research to society and write about it. This specific writing project
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