My First Solo Travel

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My First Solo Travel: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Tired of friends canceling the last minute, tired of waiting for the right time, tired of promising myself I will travel solo ‘soon’, I got fed up and finally took the plunge into the world of solo travel. So when a long vacation came, I decided to go on a 3-day camping vacation alone. And the destination? The beautiful Masasa beach located on the little island of Tingloy, Batangas.
I packed my bags, did my research, informed friends my itinerary (you know, safety first) and went out my way. But the romantic solo getaway that I was dreaming of wasn’t what I got. Like a chapter from Lemony Snicket’s book, it was a series of unfortunate events.
I boarded the wrong bus.
I can’t believe how stupid I can get but that’s right people, I took the wrong bus. The destination written on the bus was quite similar to my destination. And the excited and nervous me didn’t think twice and boarded
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I imagined myself lying down on the beach at night, stargazing trying to figure out the many constellations. Well, so much for my imagination. The sun lasted only until mid-afternoon and then came a light drizzle and then a heavy rain throughout the night. I ended cooped up in my tent the rest of the day. And then finally, I was stranded on the island. On the 3rd and last day of the vacation, I took a quick dip in the ocean, packed up early to go back home and prepare for work tomorrow. But apparently, Batangas was under typhoon signal no. 1. The coast guard canceled all boat trips back to the mainland for safety reasons. I was stranded together with a hundred of tourists who all have work tomorrow. We had no choice but to call and beg our superiors for an emergency leave tomorrow. Thus I spent another day with the raging waves and heavy rain of Masasa
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