My First Statement True Is It Something That Can Be Lost?

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Shoes that you will not want to walk in Without question, in the specific period of time we live in, we may find it difficult to see any, or perform any acts of courage. What is courage though? Is it a feeling? Is it something that can be taught? Is it something that can be lost? According to, courage is defined as the, "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." That being said, is my first statement true? Is it difficult to see acts of courage in our everyday lives? Are simple actions such as showing up to class, or paying your bills on time an example courage? Would failing to do either of these also be deemed as a cowardly act? Leaning to…show more content…
In the middle east, suicide bombing is extremely rampant. However, this is a version of suicide bombing that we have not seen before. Does it sadly though, make the act any less courageous? In the United States, the general census would be; yes. Controversially though, in several other areas of the world the answer would be; no. To the ones who organize such events, I am sure they are seen as courageous by those who sent them, unless of course they were sent with disregard to the human carrying it. The term fool would be used in this case if such things were to be true. Recently, there have been several suicide bombings, however this one in particular stuck out to me. During the morning of January 9th, young hero Aitazaz Hassan Bangas walked on his way to school. He noticed what seemed to be a bomber going near his school, and that’s when he but Aitazaz challenged the bomber and tried to catch him. During the scuffle, the bomber sprang into action. According to S. Sherazi, "Teen dies stopping suicide bomber at school in Pakistan, Teen dies while stopping suicide bomber,, "The other students backed off, panicked and detonated his bomb." During this tragic event, it took the courageous acts of a young man to step in and put a stop to what he thought was wrong, believing in it so much he gave his life up for his fellow students. Were the acts of the Aitazaz courageous? What about the
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