My First Week Of Clinical

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Look back An event that was meaningful to me occurred during my third week of clinical. I was told by preceptor to show the personal support workers (PSWs) how to properly use a commode for a resident, and did so by showing them a video- two of the three staff members were present. One of the PSWs received a phone call, and it was here that drama ensued. The worker that called (PSW1) began to scream hysterically at the staff who received the call (PSW2) saying “oh, now you can answer the phone! I have called you over ten times”, she then began calling her inappropriate names and began shouting at her and myself for not helping her, she then charged toward PSW2 as if she was going to assault her. When this occurred I froze up and did nothing. My preceptor then had to physically step in and stop PSW1 from getting to PSW2, and proceeded to tell her that she has to stop picking on her, and her behaviour was inappropriate especially around the residents. Elaborate In this situation I was not able to apply the sense of touch, taste or smell. The individuals involved in this event were my preceptor, PSW1, PSW2, PSW3 and I. When this incident occurred I observed/experienced a very hostile and aggressive environment. It took place at the nursing information center. When the event ensued PSW1 was with a resident in the tub room and PSW2 and 3 were in the nursing information center learning about how to effectively operate a commode. PSW2 received one phone call and answered
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