My First Shift With Other Nurses And Patients

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My thoughts on this subject are extremely personal and have been developing since my first shift with Meagan and continue to develop with every interaction I observe her in with other nurses and patients. To be honest, I was surprised a confrontation such as this one had not taken place much sooner. At the same time, I was shocked when it did happen. I think Meagan is often times abrasive without knowing it. She is an incredible nurse when it comes to taking care of the medical side of things. However, when it comes to the psychosocial and emotional side of things, I believe she has a difficult time relating to patients and having compassion for them. In addition, when she does not like or agree with someone, she does not try to hide it.…show more content…
I have felt unsure of how to react to these things. I pray for Meagan often and have felt Jesus fill me with compassion for her. I have become excited about shifts now because I know the Lord will use me to love her and show His love to others. I am off topic and will return to the specific incident previously explained. In this confrontation between the patient’s mother and Meagan, I felt terribly awkward. I also felt sad for the boy and his mother. It seemed that his feelings had been hurt by the way Meagan was treating him, and his mom was defending him because she loves her son. I also felt out of place in the room. This feeling of having no idea what to do fell upon me. I decided to remain quiet and let Meagan and the patient’s mother work things out. In this particular case, I believe my actions were appropriate. It is not my place to correct Meagan, especially in front of a patient. It also did not feel like it was my pace to be a “buffer” between them as the confrontation was civil and direct. The incident brought about many positive outcomes. Meagan’s interactions with that family for the rest of the shift became exponentially friendlier and more positive. The mother’s desired outcome in confronting Meagan was successfully obtained. I also
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