My First Week With Sands Capital Management

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This paper will describe and document my first week with Sands Capital Management. It will cover background information about Sands Capital, my first day and initial impression of the environment/colleagues, as well as orientation, training, and my position/responsibilities within the firm. Eventually finishing up this document with applied skills and lessons learned from UW-Platteville. Sands Capital Management, an industry and private wealth management firm that believes in bottom to top research as well as an active management style. Sands Capitals entire environment and team emanate and demonstrate all of the teams core values. Core values such as integrity and trust, a client centered focus, and a commitment to excellence. Sands also…show more content…
At any given time Sands capital employs about 118 staff members and 7 interns. Now that you understand a little bit of the background of Sands we will explore more about my first few days and my initial impressions. My first day started with being led to a large room where an investment team meeting was happening around me, where very intelligent individuals were giving brief presentations and synopsis about companies and why we should invest in certain ones. The room had about 20-30 people in it all watching a large screen with stocks being presented one after another with a live ticker and an assortment of numbers referring to different sorts of returns, risk ratios, and prices. While each company would flash up on the screen an individual at the table would begin discussing recent news regarding the company and how it affected our portfolios performance. To say the least I was confused as this was my first 30 minutes with the company and I had no idea what portfolios they had or how they were invested. Eventually, Emily a coworker from HR got us set up with security access cards, parking passes, desk supplies, and anything else she thought we may need. So a few of my initial impressions as I went about my first few days include realizing how nice everyone is here. It’s rare you cross a Sands Capital worker who’s not smiling or willing to lend a helping hand. All my coworker’s personalities can be described as light hearted, playful, and
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