My First Year Of High School

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It was the beginning of my second year of high school and I had a job interview scheduled for the second Friday in February taking care of my neighbor’s chocolate lab named Justice. However, as a spur of the moment decision, I went onto the Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club website and saw an ad for help in maintenance and so I printed off an application. They offered me an interview for that Friday. I expected to be just cleaning the shop, but when Friday came, they handed me a list of the golf course policies, and told me to return in few weeks with the paper completed and the other requirements done so that when I started my paper work would be done. Four months later, I had my first shift and I began cutting greens and raking bunkers and being able to drive on my own after four shifts. My job was to cut greens, rack bunkers, fixing divots, and make sure the golf course looked very pristine and uniform. Beyond just maintaining the golf course to makes it looked prefect for golfers , I also had side work to complete every night and afternoon that was to keep the shop clean and stocked and all the machines are gases and ready to go for the next day. I hoped that through this job I would learn time management, as well as people skills, work with a wide variety of people and ages and how to maintain a golf course and of course the money was helpful in paying for the car I am saving up for and the other entire thing that I would like to buy. I think people…

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