My Flaws In High School

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“Everything I do is terrible.” I have developed this bias against myself ever since my freshman year of high school when I could identify each individual flaw in my work since I created it, yet I failed to find any flaws in any of my classmates’ work. Every time the English teacher gave the class free response questions, my neighbor’s answers were twice the size as mine. Every time the U.S. History teacher assigned a group presentation project, all of the other presentations looked and sounded better than my group’s presentation, and I always blamed myself. Every time I personally wrote a story or drew a cartoon on my own time, I always compared my work to other students’ work and thought that they produced better creations than me. I classified myself as the worst student in school.…show more content…
Teachers began to talk about schools, scholarships, recommendation letters, and the dreaded college application essay. They stated that I needed to gloat about my accomplishments except I did not consider myself proficient in any way. I felt like I did not meet any of the requirements to get into college. This inadequate feeling doubled when teachers started to boast about Mr.Perfect Thirty-Six on the ACT, Ms.Governor's Scholar, and Mr.Football Superstar. With a plethora of talent and success, of course, they could apply to Harvard effortlessly; however, I couldn’t because I only scored a measly twenty-three on the ACT; I never signed up for any school clubs or events; and, I haven’t even attended any of the school’s sports games let alone tried out for them. How did my teachers expect me to compete with my accomplished All-American classmates? I
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