My Grandma In My Life

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On August 2, 2017 I went to meet my Grandma at the Bloomington Airport. I was so scared to go on the plane,because I had never flown before. So we got into the airport and went through bag check.That was the time my mom could not be with me any more.I gave her one last big hug.The hug was like a great big bear hug.I had tears in my eyes.I was just ready to start bursting into tears.When we got on the plane I looked at the seat then sat down.The chair gave me quite the relief.I rubbed my hand against the arm chair I felt the smooth cool feeling.I looked out the window thinking I will not be in IL. for a week.Which seemed like a month! The plane finally took off with a loud roar. About 20 minutes into the fight my mom sent a message.It said that she walked back to the car and started to cry. That about made me cry right there on the spot. An hour later we reached O'hare airport in Chicago.I was glad we got off the plane.I was about ready to through up.My Grandma and I had to wait for our next fight.The wait was about an hour and 30 minutes. So we went to go eat some breakfast.Grandma and I looked for a place to eat when all the sudden poof.The aroma hit me in the face.I told Grandma I wanted to go to that place that had bagels.That was where we ate ,and I had a Canadian bagel. It was delicious! After getting done with breakfast we went to our section to sit and wait. I got to tell you that airport was crazy.Filled with people rushing here and there.Everyone yelling at the

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