My Grandma Rosaur The Characteristics Of My Family

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The family is a truly special thing. What makes a family so unique is that unification of a group of people with so many different characteristics. In fact, each and every one of our relatives contributes to that extraordinary bond families share in their own individual way. Our blood may define family, but it’s those unique relationships with the controlling grandmother, that crazy aunt, or even that inappropriately laid back relative that genuinely gives the family a special essence. Every single family has a head, an alpha male or female. This individual tends to believe the universe revolves around them, and that they resemble absolute royalty when compared to the rest of the family. In my case, this is my grandma Rosaura. She is the oldest, most experienced person in our family. She is praised by all of the family and looked up to for guidance because of her “knowledge gained by experience”. In fact, she was a very successful lawyer who was able to raise 4 children by herself; Two characteristics of my grandma’s life that she'll never let us forget. She’s the epitome of what you would call “a woman who don’t need no man”. Furthermore, because of her position in the family, she’s also developed some very interesting traits over time. To begin with, she’s extremely controlling and stubborn. My mother is 46 and my grandma still finds the way to boss her around like a mother would a child. She exemplifies the same behavior with my aunts and uncles as well.

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