My Hybrid Classroom Management Plan

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My hybrid classroom management plan that combines the Canter and Canter Assertive discipline style and Dreikur’s Democratic Teaching and Management procedures allows me to incorporate the students’ opinions and ideas into the classroom rules and procedures. This allows for a sense of community and shared responsibility between both myself and the students to insure that the rules are being met. By allowing the student to have a say in how the classroom will run day to day makes them feel like they have a place and a value in the classroom. It is also important that I foster a sense of fairness by upholding the agreed upon rules without any bias so that the student know what to expect when rules and procedures are either followed or not. This helps the students feel supported in the classroom as well as nurtures a safe and inclusive learning environment. Throughout the last two field experiences my favorite part has been getting to know each of the students in the classrooms. By the end of the semester it became very hard to leave them because I had gotten attached and want to continue to watch them grow. I have a feeling that having my own set of students that I will work with every day over the course of a year will make it even hard to let go. I love just talking with my students on a daily basis. This is something I will start from day one of a new school year. I will start the school year off with focusing on just learning about the students in my care by playing
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