My Inclination toward Biological Sciences and Medicine

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My inclination toward biological sciences and medicine has been with me from a young age. As a child, I was always eager to read children's science literature and watch science television shows. At times, I could not be pried away from the Discovery Channel. As I advanced through junior high, high school, and college, biology always intrigued me the most. I was particularly interested in the parts dealing with human body and its many systems. Further, both of my parents are nurses; this helped steer me toward the pursuit of a medical career.
Enrolling in college as a biology major gave me the opportunity to delve even deeper into my interests. After a challenging first semester, I quickly learned how to adjust to college life by studying harder and began to flourish in the following semesters. This is exemplified by being on the Dean's List for nearly every semester. Learning how to adjust to new stresses and pressures was not just a benefit, but an absolute necessity.
In 2012 I began working as a pharmacy technician. I learned many things from this job. For example, I learned how to interact with customers and the many situations that arise when doing so. It also allowed me to develop my communication skills in a professional setting, which gave me the building blocks for communicating with future patients. Learning how to cater to the customer’s needs and complaints was a large learning experience for me, and ultimately these skills played a vital role when I was able to

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