My Input on Dog Walking

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Dog Walking

I have many jobs, but one that I like in particular is dog walking. I love animals so much, so this job doesn't seem so much like a job, as it does just something I would do for fun on an everyday basis. I walk my neighbor's dogs all the time, and I also get paid for doing it.

My neighbor has four dogs, and they're all extremely sweet. Even though this job is fun, I also have to take it very serious at times. This job has taught me a lot about responsibility, and taking control of my actions. Like for example, one time my neighbor's dog Buddy ran away while, I was trying to get control of all the other dogs. I started to panic as soon I thought about how mad my neighbor would be if she would have found out about Buddy running away, but somehow I still remained to keep calm. I immediately started to search everywhere for him, and after 2 hours of looking everywhere for him; I finally found him at a park. I had learned a really important lesson that day, and that lesson was that any job anyone has taken some seriousness out of that person in order for that job to be done right sometimes.

This job has a lot of responsibility that needs to go into it, as well as the seriousness it takes in order to be a dog walker. I have learned from this job that I need to be alert while walking the dogs, I need to be able to clean up any messes or damages that the dogs might do, but most importantly I have learned that no matter what happens in this job, I need to take

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