My Interest Gravitated Towards Commercial Law

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In 2011, aged 17, I had the opportunity to visit the Bombay High Court’s 150-year anniversary celebrations. The Court’s legal history museum and open live court sessions provided me with my first direct interaction with the legal system in action. This exposure helped me understand the universal importance and impact of the law to any society. The ability of the law, lawyers and judges to always evolve, analyze and execute laws accurately and precisely, appealed to my impressionable mind. After this experience, there was little doubt in my career choice: I wanted to be a practicing legal professional. I studied my Bachelors of Law at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. During my undergraduate education, my interest gravitated towards Commercial Law. The scope of the LLM offered by McGill University is of great importance as it directly tackles different legal principles, issues and remedies which will aid me in my professional career. Being personally interested in Law with a focus in environment shall enable me to genuinely enjoy my Masters level research into this subject and take more away from it. Commercial Law amalgamated with Environmental law, being one of the more flexible branches of the law, shall serve as a strong basis that shall not only aid my professional legal foundation but also enable me to understand intricate features of other legal branches in relation to Environmental Law. My interest in Commercial Law in general grew from an academic

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