My Interview : Korean Signer Park Jae Sang

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My celebrity in my interim report was Korean signer Park Jae Sang, who is known as PSY. I intended to make him as my celebrity in final project and analyze that how he could become international star beyond South Korea. Unlike the purpose of the project, which aims to make a new celebrity, he became already worldwide famous star. Therefore, I required to change of my object and decided to make virtual person for my project. He is 34 years old movie actor and his name is Robert Kim. He started his acting career in high school and became play actor. He spent many years as an unknown actor. He had to have a part-time job during the day for living and performed in a plat at night, because he could not give up his dream. One day, a director who watched his acting picked him for the leading role in his movie, Notorious Murderer. In the movie, he expressed cruelty, coldness, and catharsis when he killed the victims, and he gave a terrifying portrayal of a murder. Despite of his first debut in screen, he was voted the most promising new actor for his part in the movie and won the Best New Actor award. After the movie, he appeared in a variety film, which is similar to his first movie such as thriller, horror and firm noir. In these movies, he captivated audiences with his impressive acting. However, he has not a sizable fan base because of the feature of his film. Therefore, it would be a good way to appear on entertainment program to expand his fan base.
Most of his fans were in

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