My Interview on How a Fitness Club Owner Deals with Public Relations

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Public Relations or (PR) is an important field that businesses and companies use to connect with their consumers. This involves maintain relationships with the public to promote the business as well as communication between the public and business. My interview dealt with the world of exercise fitness. I interviewed Ricky Gross who is a personal fitness trainer. He is the Owner/Operator of RJG Fitness LLC, which is a personal training company out of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia. His company provides personal fitness sessions, one on one, or group sessions in clients’ own personal homes or fitness clubs. I conducted the interview over Skype to get further information on how his company deals with public relations. Mr. Gross elaborated on …show more content…

Dealing with the primary public and clients, Mr. Gross told me his company services various people in their location. Mr. Gross said his company mainly caters towards individuals 16 and older. This includes athletes, mothers, fathers, corporate executives, company managers, lawyers, etc. His company is based in the metropolitan Atlanta Georgia area, and he said there are lots of people who look for personal training needs. Mr. Gross feels that if clients have a desire to want to be better, than he is willing to work with them and aid in that journey to success. Communication is a key characteristics in public relations, cause through communication this is how relationships are established between the client and business. Mr. Gross said he does his main communication with his clients through word of mouth and email. Clients book sessions through his website and he communicates with them through email to ensure the sessions that they booked work perfectly with their schedule. Mr. Gross said RJG Fitness uses outlets such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to promote his organization. For people in the Atlanta area, if they Google personal training, his company comes up in the search results. This helps in marketing his company to draw more clients. Mr. Gross said that his company is registered for social media, but doesn’t utilize it for promotional purposes. Dealing with background, Mr. Gross explained his experience and his company. Mr.

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