Public Relations Between The United States

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Over the past two and a half weeks as a class we have been assigned to talk to a variety of different public relations departments in companies of our interest. Through the struggles of being hung up on immediately or put on hold for 20 plus minutes, this assignment not only allowed me to learn how the PR field works via telephone and email, but what type of field would I be interested in working for. Through all the ups and downs, I have found three businesses that have interested me and would possibly interest me in the future. The first department that I spoke to is one of the fastest growing technology advertisement companies in the United States which is CPX Interactive also known as CPXi. I first grew and interest in this company …show more content…

My department is in charge of our companies press releases, and running our social media pages. As well we make sure our clients are satisfied with our companies work. Our PR team can release information as simple as what important news are going around in the company, to what new beer is on tap this week at the company bar. We try to make our workers enjoy coming in to work and want them to make it feel like it is their second home. Whenever they are stressed with work I always tell them to go into one of our game rooms to either play some video games or take a quick nap.
The next question asked was, what exactly do you work on in your company? Like I mentioned earlier, I 'm the one who finalizes every major press release as well as making sure that our social media is up to date at all time and is following everything from new releases to the new trends going on around the world. Being in the field of public relations and social media, especially for a tech marketing company, you need to be on top of what 's new and what is new around the world. I also make sure as an overall company we are stable and pretty much in peace with everyone. Being in this business is very competitive and I need to make sure that our company develops together as a team.
The final question asked was, do you hire interns and students directly out of college? We actually just closed our summer internship applications for this upcoming summer

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