My Interview with a Marine Before I Enlist Essay

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The military is a subject that many look for as a form of obligation, and many think it’s our duty to serve and protect. I for one have felt that obligation and have been compelled to join the marines, but before I bluntly stick my neck out for America I wanted a veterans point of view on my decision. The person that I selected to interview was a sixty-five year old marine veteran from Texas, and I will refer to him as Walus, he is my neighbor Joey’s grandfather. Walus is a sturdy, strict yet likeable fellow once you get past his unpleasant personality. He is passionate in teaching his grandsons all he knows about everything from cooking to dismantling and assembling assault rifles. I commenced my observation at Joey’s house …show more content…

”I nervously replied “no sir it’s just a school paper I just use this because my hand writing is a little poor”. Rapidly but now with a softer tone Walus replies “well then you better start learning” I reluctantly put my recorder back into my bag and began the interview. My interview began with “I have come to know that you are a marine veteran with battlefield experience” Walus replied “Yea now what about it?” I answered “I have gained interest in joining the marines and have been wanting to know how things really are in the field from a personal experience not what they advertise” Walus chuckled and replied “Well it certainly aint what they advertise.” At this point in the interview I felt that I had broken new ground between me and Walus . I felt so much more comfortable asking questions now that he had told me what I wanted to know and how he responded to my first remark on the marines. I then asked Walus how his battle field experience was in Vietnam. Walus clutched his wrinkly hand and answered “it’s an experience no man should ever go through”, he then told me his background why. “I lost almost all my platoon in an ambush in Vietnam seeing and my fellow friends get torn apart by bullets is not a pleasant sight”. I replied “I am terribly sorry sir,” he quickly replied “save it, it was a long time ago anyways.” I

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