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Islam as a kid I can remember hearing a lot about in the news or entertainment media. In the media like most things it was always negativity, talking about the different wars or bombing that happened in Israel. Then when I seen Spike Lee X it was awesome I wanted to sign up. Being eleven I tried to get as much info on Islam as I could. My parents was tickled one being Buddhist and the other a catholic, “great” they said. They really never were against it or try to stop me. That’s what made them awesome. So the running joke up to now they called me all kind Arabic names, but one stuck was Muhammad. As I reached young adulthood Islam definitely had a slant on them how they were portrayed in the news. Can’t blame a religion or the Muslim people for what a bunch of radicals did.
Islam is the third major monotheistic religion in the Abrahamic tradition. It has 1.3 billion followers, mainly in northern Africa, west and south Asia. It was formed in 622 CE, with origins in or around the Arabian Peninsula. Islam means surrender or submission was founded by the teachings of the prophet Muhammad of surrendering the will to Allah. Allah is god in Arabic, the maker, creator, and sustainer of all things of life and everything in this universe. Muhammad is considered to be the last prophet of god. Devine knowledge from Allah is collected revelations precise in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the Islamic holy book equivalent to the bible with Holy Scriptures, emphasizes living

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