My Last Day

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Last day with My Best friend You can never be certain about future. You can plan all you want but the truth is, if things are bound to fall, they will. If something is supposed to happen, it will. There is no stopping to it. There comes certain time in life where things get messy in just matter of hours. One moment you are singing, dancing and drinking with your friend and the next moment it all crashes down and you are left with nothing but waves of regrets and self loathe. Losing my best friend in matter of hours was the worst experience I ever faced. Even though it broke me, as I recovered I learned a lot about myself and my perspective changed.
Being a Hindu girl we have many festivals and celebrations throughout the years and I wholeheartedly celebrate each and every festival. Among all our festivities, Holi is my favorite festival. Holi is celebrated mainly in Nepal and India but it has spread to certain part of Asia. it is a festival of colors. People throw colors at each other, drink and party. It is celebrated as victory of good over evil. It is a day where family reunite, friends enjoy by painting everyone with Beautiful colors.
My best friend and I had a tradition since we were a child. Every Holi we two would get together and put color on each other’s first. Call it childish or love but that is how it was and we adhered to it since we were seven. March 3 2015 was the last Holi we celebrated

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