My Learning Aftermath : The Diary Of Anne Frank

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My learning Aftermath

Anne Frank was a girl who had a dream like everyone else ,but what makes her different is that she did not have the freedom or the chance to live out her dream like we do today. Because of Anne’s incredible story she has become well known all throughout the world through books and movies. One of the books that I have read is The Diary of Anne Frank and following that I watched the movie. Both had a big affect on me emotionally and have made me think about realized things that I didn’t before. things and

When I read certain parts of The Diary of Anne Frank such as when Anne was talking about what she wanted to be when she got out of the annex, it made me feel very sad because I had already known that she wasn’t going to live out any of her dreams. After reading these parts I realized that I have so much to be grateful for because unlike Anne I do have a chance at being something big and reaching my future goals and I have a freedom that she didn’t have because of how bad racism was at the time. I am very glad that I had the chance to read about the story of Anne Frank because I got a chance to realize how much we as of today take for granted what we have and how we always mention what we want to do or be in the future without thinking if we will have a future or not.

I think that both the movie and the book give an incredible representation of what happened during this time in Anne’s life and they have both been able to have an affect

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