My Learning Styles Are Kinesthetic And Visual Essay

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Analysis Paper #1

My learning styles are kinesthetic and visual. When I learn to do something, I always skip the instruction, I tend to jump right in and try it. In terms of Mutual Intelligence, I scored 3.57 in Nature, 3.43 in Self, and 3.14 Musical. The MI score nearly reflects who I am except the language and kinesthetic score. It’s true that I’m not good at math and logical problems but I do enjoy new languages. I’m bilingual now and I want to be a trilingual. Therefore, I believe that my score in linguistic and kinesthetic should be higher. There are some statements in the Assessment results which I find so true about myself. For example, “Take photographs of what you find on your hike”, “You like working on projects on your own”, and “You enjoy humming or singing along with music.” My Keirsey Score is INFP which means my learning score is NF. I’m not the type of person who logically plans to do everything. I prefer to be led by feelings. It’s also true that I’m an introvert when I’m around people who I don’t feel comfortable with. Actually, I change into another person when I’m with my family and friends. It’s interesting that my boyfriend shares totally different traits in the Keirsey Score; he’s an ISTJ. While I focus on creativity and don’t follow the plan, he tends to plan everything in advance. Sometimes, the differences in our personalities create arguments. However, I believe the differences have more positive effects on our relationship

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