My Life After My Father

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When I was four I sat in the back of my dad’s doctor’s office visit playing with my dolls. He looked at my dad and told him that he had six months to live. I remember laying in my bed at night hoping that I would see my dad the next morning. This never ended until my dad died nine years later. In those nine years if I heard an ambulance headed up the highway towards my house while I was at school, I got a sinking feeling. There was further suffering as I watched my father decline over the years. The suffering and the worry took away much of my childhood thoughts and innocence, but I did not know that then. I dealt with the experience by fearing my father’s death and remaining close to him. I think that out of the five children that he…show more content…
It is kind of like the giver book. When Eve wanted to be equal with God and ate from the forbidden tree it forever changed the way man would live on earth with God. As Sharpe explains how mankind chose for themselves what was “good”, so that opens the door for evil and suffering. Once the sin had happened, the result was that humanity would know and suffer what God wanted to keep from humanity. Christians believe that mankind is born into a world full of suffering. Irenaeus gave the picture that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image with all of his character and were morally pure (Sharpe, 2015). Once Eve and Adam stopped following the original rules, it forever changed the following world that mankind would be in. 3. Briefly summarize the Christian worldview’s response to the problem of evil and suffering, referencing the lecture or chapter 9 in the textbook. The Christian worldview response to suffering is that although they are born into a world of suffering, that Jesus came, lived through the same suffering, and died in order to provide eternal life to humanity (Sharpe, 2015). Another response will be to pray for relief from the suffering that is before the Christian. This will allow them to trust and hope that God will relieve the pain that is before them. This same response can leave someone feeling abandoned if God does not answer their prayers on their timing. The thing for a Christian to remember is that God is not
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