My Life At The Nursing

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“Good morning,” Ruth said entering the room at the Mountaineer Nursing Home to see her ninety-year old grandfather before going to work as she often did.
“How is my little girl this beautiful morning?” He asked happy to see her.
“I’m great. Did you sleep well?” She kissed him on the forehead and hugged him before she sat in the chair by his bedside.
“Once I got my medication, I went to sleep and slept until daylight. How is it going down at the newspaper? Did anyone retire this week?”He asked with sadness in his voice and Ruth knew he missed working at the newspaper.
“Everything’s going fine. Do you remember Agnes in your department? She is going to retire next month.”
“I wonder if they will give her a big party like the one they gave me when I left.” He smiled.
“I’m sure they will. If you want to go, I’ll take you,” Ruth said smiling and noticed his blue eyes sparkled.
“That would be wonderful I haven’t seen anyone from the office since I’ve been in this place. I appreciate you coming. Honey, you are not expected to visit me every day. My friend Roger came to see me yesterday. Would you believe we talked for over an hour? It was nice seeing him.” Ruth knew he was wrong.
“I enjoy visiting you. Grandpa, I’m happy Roger came to see you,” she declared without embarrassing him by reminding him that Roger passed away several years earlier. “I’m going to take some time off tomorrow to catch up on a few things,” Ruth said without telling him she planned to drive to

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