My Life Changed My Best Friend

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My life has changed a lot ever since I met my best friend. She made me who I am today. The first time I met her, I never would’ve guessed we were going to be best friends. I met her two years ago. My family had just moved into our new house, out in Twin lake. A few days after we moved in, I was outside and this girl came walking down the road with a bunch of little kids. She stopped and talked to me for a minute. She introduced herself and told me a couple of things about her. Her name was Ariel and she lived down the road. She asked me how old I was, which I was thirteen years old at the time. After she asked me my age, she told me she’d be right back and went into the house next to mine. She came back out, but with a girl. She looked my age. Maybe a year older. They both came over to my house and talked to me. The girl didn’t really seem so interested in wanting to talk to me, but she warmed up to me. Ariel left and she stayed at my house and talked to me for a while. I thought she was pretty cool the more we talked to each other. Then she went inside and I went in my home too. I didn’t think that I’d see her again, but the next day when I got home from school, she was outside, sitting on her porch. She told me to come over, so I did. I stayed there for dinner and until my mom told me it was time to come home. Everyday after that, either I was at her house or she was at mine. We were going to different schools, but that was only going to last for one more month. We had…

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